Welcome To KMF Solutions

KMF Solutions are an experienced Solution Provider in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, focussing on areas in the South East area of the UK. We have extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of CRM systems across multiple industries, and utilising different technologies.

KMF Solutions have the ability to cover many aspects of the Project Lifecycle, covering Product Evaluation, Business Analysis, through to more technically-focused elements such as Design, Build and Implementation.

We have experience of commercially available packages including Siebel (Since Siebel 5.5), Lagan Frontline, as well as bespoke implementations, typically based on Oracle Database Platforms, or MSoft SQLServer.  With an emphasis on continual improvement, we encourage our Consultants and Associates to be fully Certified in their specific Products.

So whether its working alongside your own personnel, or other external Consultants (including those based offshore), KMF's culture of commitment is the basis for fulfilling our Client's needs.

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